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Test sample

Rhinobridge provides a free test sample (within 600 words) for you and promises the consistent quality for the translation afterwords.

Quality assurance system

Rhinobridge standard translation workflow consists of translating, editing and proofreading. Once the translating part is completed by a language expert with relevant knowledge background, the file will be examined by at least two other linguists to ensure precision and fluency . Meanwhile, quality assurance tools like Xbench would be used to check completeness, consistency, numbers, tags, key terms, etc. In addition, a translation database (translation memory and termbase) will be created for each client. If there is any feedback from the reviewers on client’s side, modifications would be made in the database accordingly.

Background knowledge

Our translators have extensive knowledge in their specialist areas, and many have second degrees, which enables us to take on translation tasks in a wide range of disciplines, including mechanical engineering, aviation, life science, finance, IT, legal field, logistics engineering, management and marketing. In special cases, we'd like to send our language experts to your company or plant to learn more about your products and technologies.


The source files may come in various formats, but that won’t be a problem. We have a complete solution to deal with almost all types of files. Usually, the source files will be converted into a specific format for our CAT (computer-aided translation, to keep the context consistent) tools and once the manual translation is done, it will be converted back to the original format.

Information security

When dealing with sensitive contents, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you. Meanwhile, our sand-box system and VPN secure line guarantee no information leakage.

Teleconference support

When it comes to a large or complex project, teleconference would be important because you may want to know the progress and details about it. Our experienced project managers are always ready to be on the other side of the line. Rhinobridge supports conference calls in English, German and Chinese.

Value-added services

In addition to translation service, Rhinobridge provides you value-added services as well, such as interpreting, desktop publishing (DTP), and search engine optimization (SEO).

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