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Industries covered

Industries covered

Years of experience

Years of experience

Rhinobridge was founded in 2015 in Shenyang, China's biggest northern city, by three translators who shared the same pursuit on high-quality translation. They found that even the prominent localization firms receive mixed feedback from clients now and then because of an acute shortage of excellent and committed translators in China.

Hence, they had this idea of gathering some of the top translators together for a synergy. The founders want every word translated by Rhinobridge to be brilliant and every client to be more than satisfied. It is quite a thrill when that happens.

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Rhinobridge provides you a test sample free of charge and we guarantee a consistent translation qualify.


We use computer-aided translation (CAT) tools to ensure to consistency of contexts and save cost for you.


Our efficient work flow and professional in-house translators helps to minimize the turnaround time.


Besides translation service, we also provide customized services such as interpretation, desktop publishing (DTP) and SEO.

We specialize in three languages